Please Note:

Rhea Gupte works on commissioned projects with selected clients interested in employing Rhea’s skills as a photographer, artist, consultant, creative director, stylist, writer or model.

The areas she is specifically keen to create work in, include, aesthetic building and development for brands, conceptualisation and execution of lookbooks and campaigns, artistic projects and commissions, photography assignments, photo journalism/photo stories and article writing, creative digital content for client’s platforms, travel and fashion editorial projects for print and online publications, contributing her skill set to a cause close to her heart.

Commissioned projects will always be marked as client work on this website with details on the capacity of work she did. However, putting up commissioned work on the website and social media by tagging the client is her prerogative and not a part of the project itself. She does not offer any type of paid cross promotion through her channels. The purpose of sharing the work is only to give insight into her creative process, behind the scenes dilemmas and discussion on relevant topics.

This website and it’s social media are 100% free of paid promotions, advertisements, affiliate marketing. All posts are published as an update to Rhea’s body of work and never dictated by a third party, client or agency. This policy helps her retain an authentic voice without compromising for the sake of advertising and keeping the narrative with her community focused on creativity rather than a quick buy.

Please do not approach Rhea with requests of brand/service promotion, to have her post about you on her channels or website. Such emails will sadly not receive a positive response as these associations do not align with the work she creates. She strictly does not accept gifts of any sort. Press kits or lookbooks may be sent over email only.

Rhea is open to collaborating with other artists, photographers and creatives alike on interesting and challenging projects across disciplines. In fact, learning and growing together is something she most looks forward to.