Rhea Gupte is a creative based in Goa, India, exploring her interest in photography, art, travel, writing and mixed media. Rhea enjoys both freestyle street photography as well as carefully orchestrated shoots. As a photographer she takes up commissioned projects wherein she also works as a conceptualiser and creative director. She is growing her practise in the field of mixed media art by combining photography with digital manipulation and collage creation. Some of her lesser known interests are photographing animals, ink and still life.

Rhea also works as a creative consultant and content creator in the fashion and lifestyle segment with selected brands on a long term basis. The aim of such projects is either to create a usable and unique aesthetic for the brand in order to portray their story in the best way or to come up with innovative ways in which she can partner her skills with the requirements of the client. The focus is always on creating brand value beyond the purpose of sales and to convince brands to be better story tellers and having them speak up to their audience through their own channels.

Styling assignments in the fashion and still life space form a part of her portfolio as well. Rhea has been modelling part time since she was sixteen and presently takes up an assignment or two if a project aligns well with her work. She is fond of writing essays and poetry. She takes up freelance writing projects from time to time.